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We’re moving!! Starting in 2020, the No Business 100 will have a new home base where we will start and finish the race. The new start/finish will be at the Group Camp at Pickett Civilian Conservation Corps Memorial State Park in Jamestown, TN.

We know the bridge finish at Blue Heron will be missed and we wouldn’t make this move unless we felt like it would make the race experience better overall. The bridge will actually be included in the 2020 course and moving forward.

Running the race out of Blue Heron has been memorable but not without it’s challenges. With this move, we feel not only will it make things easier for our race staff but more importantly, create a more community feel before and after the race.

We have reserved the Group Camp so it’s all ours for race weekend. The Group Camp gives us on site lodging at the start/finish with 6 bunkhouses that will sleep over 140 people. At a minimal cost, runners will be able to reserve bunks for themselves and any crew if they choose to. We’ll also have camping available at the Group Camp and there are cabins and camping available to reserve at Pickett State Park as well. Lodging now is literally on site or just 2 miles away.

We also get access to a large dining hall with kitchen right on site to host all our pre and post race activities. This gives us a facility that can handle all weather conditions right there at the start/finish. There’s also the bonus of being able to apply for a alcohol permit for the weekend festivities.

Some additional benefits include closer proximity of aid stations, accessibility for crew and volunteers, space, storage.

All in all, we believed this move will make for an even better race experience.

New Start Day and Time

In 2020 we will start the No Business 100 on Friday, October 16th at 11am. With the move to the Group Camp and everything that comes with it, we felt like a Friday start would give us the opportunity to start the race on Friday and end Saturday evening allowing us to throw a bigger celebration with runners, crew, volunteers, and sponsors without the rush to get out of town right after the race.


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