Friday October 25th, 2024
8AM Central Time
Pickett CCC Memorial State Park Group Camp

Come run the No Business 100 this fall. This beautiful autumn race treats runners to miles of technical singletrack trails and scenic landmarks.

The No Business Hundred is a trail endurance race that begins and ends at the Group Camp in Pickett CCC Memorial State Park. The course is a single 102 mile loop that traverses through the heart of the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area starting in Tennessee then crossing the state line into Kentucky and back on some of the oldest trails in the southeast. We reverse the direction of the course each year and award a special buckle for runners who complete the course in both directions.

Along the way participants will pass through towering sandstone arches & rockhouses, gaze upon spectacular overlooks & waterfalls, and visit abandoned farms and homesteads including the No Business settlement. This epic journey is an adventure through some of the most scenic and wild areas in the region.

With just over 14,500 feet of elevation gain, the No Business Hundred may appear at first glance to be a walk in the park but make no mistake, the technical terrain and remote setting present a challenge that make it a unique hundred mile course.

Explore sites along the No Business Hundred course

Course Map

Aid Stations

Not counting the start/finish, there are a total of 15 fully stocked and manned on course aid stations. There are a total of 5 on-course crew access stations and 5 drop bag aid stations.

*Note: The Blue Heron Aid Station is accessed twice by runners and is also a crewed and drop bag aid station.

There is a 33 hour total cutoff for both directions the race is run in.

Aid stations will be fully stocked and at a minimum provide water, electrolyte drink, gels, snacks, first aid, and enthusiastic volunteers!