Crew & Pacer Guide

The purpose of the Crew/Pacer Guide is aimed at getting you to your runner as quickly as possible.


Download the 2023 Crew Guide


The 2023 Crew Guide is COMING SOON. Crews and Pacers should also read the 2023 Runner’s Manual (COMING SOON). The guide includes helpful information for crewing, pacing, and accessing aid stations. Please review the summary of crew/pacer guidelines below.

  1. All crew members must willingly comply with all instructions from race personnel or risk disqualification of their runner.
  2. Crews may meet runners or assist them only at those aid stations specifically designated for crews.
  3. Crews must stay within a 400 yard radius of the aid station while attending to their runners.
  4. Vehicles and non-pacer crew members are NOT allowed at non-crew access aid stations.
  5. Only One Crew Vehicle is allowed per runner.
  6. Crews must obey all traffic signs, signals, and speeds! This includes traffic signs and instructions made by race officials. Speed limits are rigidly enforced on all park and forest roads.
  7. Crews may not drive past the designated parking areas and must never park in such a way as to block traffic.
  8. Littering of any kind is prohibited. Please respect the trails and the right of everyone to enjoy them.


  • During even years, pacers may begin accompany runners at any crewed aid station beginning at Bandy Creek (24.6) to the finish. On odd years pacers may accompany runners starting at Blue Heron (33.1) through the finish.
  • Any runner over 60 years old may have a pacer for the whole distance.
  • No mulling (helping carry supplies for runner pacing). This will result in DQ
  • Pacers may meet their runner ONLY at crew access aid stations.
  • Pacers are responsible for getting themselves to and from aid stations. We do not have transportation available for pacers.
  • For the safety of everyone involved, all pacers must check in with a race official at the Aid Station where they will begin pacing their runner. It is extremely important that race officials know exactly who is on the trail and where.
  • Pacers must stay with their runners at all times, except in the case of an emergency.
  • Pacers are allowed access to Aid Station nutrition.
  • Finally, a runner may have only one pacer at a time.

Crew Access

We are restricting crew and spectator vehicle access to some of the sections of road sections that the runners are on. This will require you to drive a bit farther, but not by much. There are a few exceptions where crew will be permitted to drive on roads that overlap with the course. Those sections will be described in detail in the Crew Guide. We ask that crews use extreme caution when driving on any section of overlap in the rare case a runner happens to be on this section. An additional reason for limited access is that the course is remote some of aid stations are accessible only by narrow roads that wonʼt allow for many vehicles.

See the Course page for a breakdown of Crew Access at Aid Stations. More details including driving directions, time & distance, parking instructions will be included in the Crew Guide to be released at a future date.